Sing Me A Song (2020)

Full-length album
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Sing Me A Song
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Children of Jack (feat. Guy Forsyth)
Good Morning To Your Nightcap
The Rambling Rover (feat. The Longest Johns)
You and Me and The Devil Makes Three (feat. Ye Banished Privateer)
The Darkest Sound (feat. Annie Rie and Josh Elliott)
The Longer the Waiting (feat. Oirla van Ravenzwaaij)
Andy Renwick’s Ferret
Hieland Laddie (feat. Annie Rie)
Jack Stewart (feat. Rapalje)
Johnny Flintstone
A Poem (by Roland Rotherham)
Happy Song (feat. Sol Heilo)
Ride Along Sally
The Doctor’s Inn
Dutch Courage
Mingulay Boat Song (feat. Sean Reeves)