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Well, we have been quite quiet on the posting front for a while now, but this is all going to change from now on. You might think that we’ve been up to not-so-much in the last couple of months, but we’ve actually been very busy.

You see, we have been traveling a lot (and will do so for some time to come) the past time for inspiration for new material. And as we all carry around our own notebooks in which in we scribble all kind of nonsense it is hard to make a logical story out of all that. But this is exactly what we are going to do now.

A couple of weeks ago during a long and hard rehearsal session we couldn’t find the inspiration for a new song. And, as many of you know, we didn’t have any of our past travels left unsung. So, in the heat of doing nothing, we decided we’d go out again to travel the world and meet new people, see new places. Just about a week later we all met at the airport were we’d pick a country for our first travel (by chance, the first plane out of here), which ended up to be Wales. Of all places.

A nice and cozy plane-flight, and less-cozy train ride and a seriously uncomfortable bus-ride later we ended up in Morfamynyddhafngwaun which, as it turned out, is famous for its damp marshes and shallow ravines.

After a lovely welcome at the local Inn, where the Innkeeper indulged us by speaking only native Welsh, where after just two hours we manage to organize one single-bed room, we took a walke around  the lovely little village of Morfamynyddhafngwaun. Her quaint little houses and distinctive residents told us that this was indeed a good place to start our journey. After a visit to the local Tourist Information shop (where, again, we where indulged in the lovely language of Welsh) we where told that we absolutely had to go and visit the main tourist attraction of that area. So, shortly after lunch, we set out for the local marsh.

It, indeed, was spectacular. Such a lush collection of dead and rotting vegetation. Were we saw more shades of green than we’ve ever seen (one even more dark than the other) and we were sure we saw a fish flying over with 3 eyes. After a nice little stroll and subsequently losing our lunch we saw what we thought to be an abandoned farm.

Having decided we’ve seen enough of  Morfamynyddhafngwaun’s main tourist attraction we set out for the farm in hope of finding a bus stop which would take us back to the village. The farm, as it turned out, was not abandoned. The garden, though seriously in need of work, was filled with what could only be described as some sort of colored birds and/or chickens. The house even was filled with light. But, as the sun set, we decided we had enough fun for one day and walked back to the village (this we did as we found out that the bus service only ran according to the guy-who-owns-the-bus-schedule, which isn’t very often). And head for our beds.


  • Thomas says:

    “It, indeed, was spectacular. Such a lush collection of dead and rotting vegetation.” ROFL! I can’t wait to holiday there, sounds…err…great!

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